Crown Analytical Services partnered with SARDI in 2011 to service their PREDICTA® B soil and stubble borne disease DNA test in the northern growing region. Dr Alan McKay and his team at SARDI have been at the forefront of this development, the test being the result of 30 years of research.

It provides a simple and efficient testing process, where one soil sample can be analysed for multiple diseases. The list of diseases available for testing continues to expand, with yield risk ratings being developed through research. You can access the latest yield loss risk categories here.


Why test with PREDICTA®B

Quantify Disease

Paddock health check by quantifying disease inoculum levels on your farm

Diagnose Disease

Diagnose in-crop disease and target areas where disease has been observed

Logistics & Planning

Assist with rotation planning, crop type and variety selection


Monitoring to ensure your crop rotation plan remains sustainable


What we test for

  • Root Lesion Nematode
  • AMF (Long Fallow Disorder)
  • Crown Rot
  • Phytophthora
  • Common Root Rot (Bipolaris)
  • Chickpea Ascochyta Blight
  • Rhizoctonia
  • Charcoal Rot
  • Pythium Clade
  • Fusarium Stalk Rot
  • Yellow Leaf Spot
  • Sclerotinia Stem Rot
  • White Grain Disorder

How it works



Sampling kit from Crown Analytical Services



Follow the sampling protocol and send to SARDI for analysis



Receive your test results within 2 weeks

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